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Our Bodies Are AMAZING!

Wendy Corr

One of the great things about studying to be a Certified Holistic Nutritionist is that I'm learning so much about how our bodies work... and as a society, we have made things SO COMPLICATED!

Our bodies NATURALLY do everything they're supposed to do, without us even having to think about it. There's a fabulous section in T. Colin Campbell's book "Whole" that compares how we view nutrition (and supplements, and macronutrients, and dieting) to how we catch a ball. I'm quoting from the text here:

"Think about the simple act of catching a ball that someone has tossed to you. Do you have any idea how complicated that process is? First, your eyes have to notice the object and identify it as a ball and not, say, a swarm of hornets or a balloon filled with petroleum jelly. Then your eyes, working in binocular fashion, begin sending a dizzying array of data to your brain to help determine the size and velocity of the ball. Even if you failed high school geometry, your brain calculates its parabolic path. Even if you flunked physics, your brain calculates the mass, acceleration, and force of the ball. And while your brain is processing all this information, it's also communicating with the nerves that control your arm and hand, the stabilizing muscles of your back, neck, and legs, and the para-sympathetic nervous system that may need to calm you down following the initial sight of an incoming projectile.

"Your body is amazing at juggling all these myriad inputs and orchestrating a perfectly timed response: your arm reaches and your hand closes around the ball. But imagine if someone insisted that the right way to learn how to do this was to do all the math and physics.

"If we had to rely on our brains to figure out what to eat, in what quantities, and in which combinations, or risk malnutrition or disease, the human race would have died out long ago.


"When we eat the right foods, in amounts that satisfy but don't stuff us silly, our bodies NATURALLY metabolize the nutrients in those foods to give us exactly what we need at any given moment."

It's not about science and supplements and weighing and measuring and all that complicated STUFF! It's about real, whole food that our bodies can utilize in more ways that we can count.