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Rest Day

Wendy Corr

It's important to take a day of rest - rest from exercise, rest from work, rest from responsibilities. Yesterday I pre-posted all of my coaching posts, and made the determination not to do my coaching work today. I did my Miracle Morning routine - Silence (prayer), Affirmations, Visualization (reviewing my goals, picturing what I want my life to be like), Exercise (lots of that today!), Reading (The Secret), and Scribing (writing in my prayer book). I went to church with my son, then we picked up some easy food from the grocery store and had a picnic lunch in City Park! After he left, I took my friends' dog on a long walk to the base of the Buffalo Bill Dam, and came back to my apartment... to do what?

I'm not good at "resting." I have to have a purpose! I tried reading a fiction book, but couldn't get into it. I surfed Facebook for a while, looked at a cookbook, all while a Harry Potter movie played in the background... then picked up my personal development book for a bit, which today is "The Secret." I reached the part in the book where it speaks about the importance of Visualization, and realized that this is a non-work project I can do today! On my Vision Board I've just got a bunch of sticky notes, no actual "visuals", of the way I imagine my life should look like. So I spent some time on Pinterest and picked out some visuals to paste on my board.

What does your rest day look like? Naps? Movies? Time spent with friends or family? Whatever you do on your rest day, make sure it's something that refreshes you and prepares you for the upcoming busy week! Enjoy it. Make sure it makes you smile.