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Wendy Corr - helping people improve their lives through better health, fitness, and appreciation of the world around us!

Be the light.

Life is a lesson.  The lessons guide us to our purpose.  Our purpose defines our life.


I've committed my time, my talents, and my focus to helping people lose weight and find their LIGHT!


I was heavy - for years.  I've figured out how to NOT be heavy - it's a combination of clean eating, dedication to exercise, accountability, and focusing on improving your outlook!

"Wendy is truly motivating!"

I have been working with Wendy since January 2016. I knew I needed help when I caught myself actually clicking on those ads for diet pills. I was ready to order something from overseas that cost a lot of hard-earned money! I was out of control with my eating, unmotivated to work out, and spiraling into depression. I saw a Facebook post from Wendy Corr that spoke to me. She described a better way of nourishing my body, taking more responsibility for my health, and enjoying it! She was right. And then some!

I have learned what portion sizes I actually need vs. want, how to curb my sugar cravings, delicious ways to truly nourish my body, and ways to stay motivated so I am rewarding myself with exercise instead of dragging myself to the gym. I have lost many inches including my "floppy bits", I have gained my confidence back, and my attitude towards taking care of myself has completely changed. I am in charge! 

Wendy made my struggles her own and gave me guidance and support that was unfailingly professional and personable. We were able to find what worked specifically for me, given my personal background, personality, and level of seriousness. Wendy is truly motivating and I am a proud product of her good work. - Gera Feist, Cody, Wyoming

"With her help and support, I lost my first 30 pounds"

I began my journey on January 2nd, 2016. I contacted my coach, Wendy Corr, because I knew that I needed to lose weight and feel better about myself. Wendy was very cheerful and gave me the tools to begin my journey of a healthier lifestyle. She cheered me on every day. And contacted me through various methods to ensure that I knew that she was always there and available. She gave me meal plans, and ideas on how to eat healthy even when I couldn't cook for myself or when I went out of town on travel. With her support and help, I lost my first 30 pounds. My work schedule does not allow me to meet with other members of her groups but she is very flexible and allowing me to weigh in at home and photograph my scale. This motivates me to stay on track and to watch what I eat. I've decided to lose 20 more pounds with Wendy's help because the first 30 was fairly easy as long as I stayed on track and checked in with my coach every few days. I never thought that I could lose weight because of my sedentary lifestyle. Beachbody has helped me lose some of the weight and I'm continuing on to lose more. Wendy is an awesome cheerleader and Coach if you are interested in dropping those pounds that you haven't been able to lose in the past. - Rayna W, Cody, Wyoming

How Do I Help My Clients?

- Find ways to make eating healthy TASTE GOOD!

- Find ways to make fitness FUN!

- Find ways to make drinking water a NECESSITY!

- Find ways to make personal development a daily part of YOUR ROUTINE!

"Wendy is the perfect coach!"

Wendy is the perfect coach for many reasons. She is extremely optimistic and your true cheerleader, she is knowledgable and dependable, and she keeps you "accountable" but in a very kind and professional way. She has been awesome to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone!! - Jamie P., Cody, Wyoming

I would LOVE to help you create a better, brighter, LIGHTER future!! Email me - and we'll get started planning your new, healthy lifestyle!

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